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When you’re looking for that “special house” with just the right layout, the perfect colors and the exact materials you always dreamed of look no more. Chances are, you won’t find your dream house on the MLS. As hard as your Realtor may look, if your design ideas are too unique or too expensive for a builder to install, you might need to consider giving us a call.

We have been involved in numerous remodels and countless construction projects, giving us not only a wealth of knowledge on the subject but also a ton of connections.

The Contractors we use are licensed, bonded and are capable of building a house from the ground up as well as providing custom design and remodeling services that will allow you to experience the feeling of living in your dream home. Plus, because we give them so much business, we can usually offer their services for A LOT LESS MONEY than the average Contractor!

Tell us where you want to live, we’ll find the right house, buy it, then customize it however you wish.

Fully Remodeled Homes for Sale

As active flippers, we can also offer you access to the houses we have in our pipeline to be remodeled, which we always price lower than those comparable on the MLS. If you’re interested in buying or customizing a home from APEX Wholesale Properties.com, submit your info in the form above or contact us directly at 713-999-8518.

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