Joint Venture Deals

Wholesaling a House?

Joint Venture
If you need to Wholesale a house in Texas then we can help you. Our list of Cash Buyers in Texas is pretty extensive. If you have a house to wholesale in Texas, call us and see if you qualify for our JV (Joint Venture) program.

Here’s How it Works

Any deal we JV with you on must meet these requirements:

  1. Must be under contract for a min of 65% – 70% ARV (varies by county)
  2. Must be in Texas. (We are not set up yet to wholesale outside of Texas – Stay Tuned!)
  3. Must have contract with actual Owner(s) of the property
  4. Must have an option period
  5. Must have valid ID

Below are some of the deal structures we have used in the past to sell our deals fast, and for the most profit. Every deal is different and may require a different strategy to get the deal done.

If you’re a Wholesaler in Texas and you want your properties to sell, give us a call @ 713-999-8518, or fill out the Contact Form on this page.

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Cash Offer

If you’ve locked up a deal for a cash purchase then you’re on the right track. Cash is not only king, but also the surest way to create a win-win for Seller and Buyer. Call us at 713-999-8518 if you’d like help selling your property.

Owner Finance

If you’re looking to purchase rental properties, owner finance is one of most lucrative and effective ways to go about it. Use this strategy when the Seller has 100% equity and doesn’t need to sell in order to purchase another house.

Subject To

This strategy is most commonly used when a Seller is highly motivated and wants to avoid making house payments. Use the Subject To when a Seller is facing foreclosure and behind on payments. If you use this strategy correctly, a win-win for both Seller and Buyer is obtainable. (Always consult a Real Estate Attorney before employing this strategy)

Short Sale

This strategy is used primarily when a Seller is upside-down on their mortgage and their monthly payment exceeds the value the home can obtain as a rental. These can take a long time to pan out, and will almost always require the help of a Realtor with Short Sale experience.